This Sunday marks the finale in what has been an unpredictable Premier League season (one which many West Ham fans want to draw a line under) – and all eyes will be on our match against the league leaders & title chasers Manchester City at The Etihad Stadium.

Following their victory over Aston Villa last night, all City now require is at least a draw against West Ham on Sunday (due to their superior goal advantage over Liverpool) to clinch their second title in three seasons.

There are many that believe that the title race is over, that City will comfortably beat West Ham this weekend, and I presume City have already got the matches at the ready to light the fireworks – but is it done & dusted yet? I’m not so sure.

City are about to face a very different West Ham side that they have been up against in the past this season. This is a West Ham side that are safe from relegation, all players are fit, and one in particular that is doing his upmost to get on that plane to Brazil this summer – and what better way for Andy Carroll to get Mr Hodgson to look in his direction than by defeating the wealthiest club in the league and handing the title to his former club Liverpool?

I have a feeling that this Sunday West Ham are going to play in the manner in which we did against Spurs at Upton Park – and that could well spell another big twist in this title race. We have nothing to lose, which means we can enjoy our football – and like Ryan Giggs said recently – when you have fun on the pitch that is when you’re at your best.

Is it written in the stars that Carroll, Downing and possibly Joe Cole could play a huge role in helping their former club Liverpool clinch their first league title in 26 years? Possibly not. But the fat lady isn’t singing quite yet.



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