Sam Allardyce is set to be removed as manager of West Ham tomorrow following a final day defeat to Manchester City.

According to sources the West Ham manager will be attending a meeting tomorrow to review this season in full and is expected to be relieved of his duties as manager.

The board have grown increasingly tired of the poor performances dished out by the team this season, and once again Allardyces side whimpered to defeat on the final fixture against a Manchester City side – who must now ear mark playing West Ham as a day they do not need to break sweat to gain the points.

Allardyce has once again come out fighting with statements that only distances himself further from the clubs loyal supporters. Sam sadly seems to totally miss the fact that the drab performances have become tiresome for all, and he has to at least recognise this.

”If you are a manager, this is the highest level in the world, and I have competed at this level for many, many years. There’s only Arsene Wenger has competed at this level longer than me.”


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