Manchester City 2-0 West Ham

So that’s that. The dream of denting Man City’s title hopes faded & died this afternoon as West Ham fell to a 2-0 defeat – and let’s be honest, it could have been more.

We did show fight and spirit – in moments, but overall I would say it was a typical performance of this season. A desperate, whimpering attempt to compete with a team that clearly have more imagination and desire than the one we are currently stuck with.

Ok they have spent millions, and yes, it was always going to be a mammoth task beating a team with the quality they have. But at the end of day we have shown once again we have little or no quality in the final third.

Carroll had a chance to hit a volley in the second half but bottled it. It’s a sign to me that things are not right. Any other striker with confidence in their ability would have hit that without a second thought. But no. Our main man, Allardyces hero, let the opportunity go begging. Time for a change I say.

We have Premier League football next season though – and all in all, that’s the main thing. But the feeling of change is oozing around the club, and I have a sneaky feeling, that a certain former boss is waiting in the wings.


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