Is today the day? The day that will go down in football history where West Ham denied the richest club in the business the Premier League title and hand the silverware to back Liverpool for the first time in 26 years?

The football world, minus the Manchester City fans of course, will all today be rooting for the Cockney Boys, hoping West Ham pull off one of the biggest shocks in Premier League history, but do we really believe that this can happen?

Well history has shown that West Ham have a knack of spoiling the party for the rich. On the final day of the 1995 Premier League campaign West Ham hosted title chasing giants Manchester United and held them to a thrilling 1-1 draw which handed the title to Blackburn Rovers – and that day is forever tattooed in the memories of the football world – but the time has come for the next generation to have a memory like that.

In goal for us back on that famous 1995 fixture was Ludek Miklosko, who put in one of the best goalkeeping performances I have witnessed to date. Reflecting back on the match ‘Ludo’ said “It was one of those games when you think ‘you can’t be beaten, you can’t be beaten.”

At the end of the game United could not comprehend what had happened. ”I remember the Man United players on the floor at the end.” Reflected Ludo – and it’s a sight we would all love to witness today. These global superstars in shock after being mugged by a bunch of Londoners.

This week all the talk has been about Sam Allardyces future, or lack of, as West Ham boss – but it’s time to put that aside. We have a job to do and that’s to get behind our Irons and believe that today West Ham will win – and all look forward to seeing tomorrow’s back pages of City on their knees, West Ham celebrating, and Liverpool lifting the Premier League trophy.



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