So as of this moment it is confirmed that Sam Allardyce is still manager of West Ham United, but whether he will be come the start of next season remains to be seen.

A board meeting was held today and it was widely expected that Sullivan & Gold would call time on Big Sam – however they have decided to hold fire on a decision based upon a full review, and to see what other options are available.

A second meeting is scheduled for Friday 23rd May and the board will come to a decision as to whether Sam continues on as manager. It is believed that David Sullivan wants to make a change, and feels that the recent fan poll of 78% favouring to replace Allardyce is too great to ignore. However David Gold and Karen Brady still support Sam, and believe he deserves another season at least in charge.

Although many fans will be disappointed by this delay, we must be grateful that our board do not make knee-jerk decisions. If we are to replace Sam then we must have the right replacement lined up. Otherwise what’s the point? We might as well stick with what we have for now, at least.


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