We are less than a week away from the West Ham board deciding the fate of manager Sam Allardyce, and even if he does end up keeping his job, there is no future for him here – his days are numbered whatever the outcome.

I’m not a fan of sacking managers – I see it as a step backwards. What our club has craved for since the sacking of Harry Redknapp back in 2001 in stability – and although Sam Allardyce insists he brings that to our club until he’s blue in the face, he has to go.

The fans have turned on Allardyce and there is no going back for him as far as I can see. His methods and attitude do not suit our club, he fails to see what we all see, and feel what we feel. We want to see passion, a desire to win, and imagination. Allardyce only offers us survival in it’s dullest, and it’s clear that David Sullivan feels a change is needed.

So this presents the big question. Who then? Who takes the reigns and leads us to the Olympic Stadium? It’s a tough one because this decision has to be right, there is no room for error. I look at what’s on offer and the market makes Romford look like Greenwich. There are no safety & success guarantees anywhere in sight, unless we swallow our pride and admit that Harry Redknapp would be a wise appointment. Ok ok, a step backwards, yes, but one that I think we need to take.

Redknapp knows & loves our club – whatever you feel for him there is no doubting that. He knows what’s needed, and can make us a force once again. He proved at Spurs that if he’s given a decent amount of money he can provide success – and if I were in charge I would be happy to have Harry leading the team.

Harry is currently in charge at QPR and faces a playoff final next weekend, but even if he leads them back to the Premier League I think he would jump at the chance to manage West Ham again. This would be his final job, his chance to return to his boyhood club and lead us to the Olympic Stadium as a Premier League side, that play the football us fans love to watch.

Yes there’ll be defeats of course, yes there’ll probably be the 6-0 drubbing away at Everton and a cup exit at the hands of Cheltenham – but that’s West Ham. Alongside that will be exciting performances against Arsenal under the Upton Park floodlights, signings that we cannot wait to see pull on the claret and blue shirt for the first time, and above all else, Premier League football the West Ham way.

There are many I know that will not agree, and will want me strung up for even suggesting it. But I would welcome Harry back. It would be exciting at the very least, and after this season I think a bit of excitement wouldn’t be such a bad thing.



  1. Why would anyone hold a grudge against harry? He was treated disgracefully by the board when he went. I for one would love to see him back in charge.

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