Captain Kevin Nolan is the latest member of the club to reassure fans that West Ham will be looking to improve on their style of football next season, following the boards decision to stick with Sam Allardyce as manager.

In a statement on the clubs official website, the midfielder said: “I am sure, without all the injuries next season, we can show you what we have really got. I think a little taste of that was what we did against Spurs in the last home match and beating a team like that three times in a season.

“We have got to take massive positives from what we have done this year, but we also have to see why we are where we are, as we firmly believe and the Gaffer firmly believes we could have done a lot better – we know that.”

Being Allardyces closest ally Nolan is obviously delighted that Big Sam has remained in charge, and has given the boss his fill backing in taking the club forward in a way the fans want to see.

“You want to stick with Sam because you have to look at what he has did at Bolton – he took the club from a Championship side to competing in Europe in five years and his record speaks for itself when he is given the time to develop the team the way he wants it to be.

“We have always been playing for him, without a shadow of a doubt, if you ask any of the lads in our dressing room. The Gaffer has got the full backing of every one of us. He has done a magnificent job here over the last three years.

“I have been a part of that with him, so I have seen the difference of when I first walked into the Club and what he has done. The lads and the staff all recognise the magnificent job he has done, so although it hasn’t gone to plan this year in respect of what we expected to do, I don’t think many other teams would have dealt with that as we did.

“I honestly believe it is because of the characters Sam has produced inside this Club that is why we have been successful in staying in this league.”


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