As predicted there is a lot if noise coming from the Diame camp now the season is over, and the noises are crystal clear.. Diame is on his way.

His total lack of loyalty towards West Ham however is quite outstanding. He has yet to mention once in his recent interviews the possibility of staying, and helping us achieve this top 6 dream that he clearly has in his head. I think it’s time for our pal Mo to look hard in the mirror, because if he thinks he’s a top player in this league then he’s a more deluded than I thought.

If last seasons performances were anything to go by, I would say he is lucky to be playing regular 1st team Premier League football, let alone competing at the top. The reason players like Steven Gerrard lead and play for top teams every week is because they consistently great. Not just when they fancy it (well, when we’re on Sky and you hope Brendan Rogers might be watching).

I was a big fan of Mo Diame when he arrived, but his attitude has worn me down, I’m sick of him and the contempt he shows for our club. Yes we want to progress, invest and keep good players, but for me Diame isn’t worth it. We do not need him and his want away attitude on the pitch. Cash in I say, and send the overrated dreamer onto Liverpool.


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