Like most West Ham fans, well football fans, I get extremely tired of listening to Spurs supporters who bleat on about how great their club is, what a talented squad they have and how they will soon win the league blah blah blah. I’m one of those who cannot stand people who blow their own trumpet. Yet I find my beloved club West Ham sinking to this pathetic and embarrassing low.

After such a dull and underwhelming campaign in which I have listened to our manager time and time again refer to a 3-0 victory at White Hart Lane earlier in the season to defend another poor performance, West Ham have decided to market merchandise celebrating our three victories over Spurs this season. Really? Are we that small that we have to act like we’ve just won the league, FA Cup and Champions League?

Call me mental, but I expect us to pick up decent results throughout the football season, so why is it being treated like such an accomplishment? And how tiny does this make us look? Spurs may well have just witnessed 3 defeats at the hands West Ham this season, but they’ll be the ones laughing now, and I don’t blame them.

Why can’t our club just keep their mouths shut and let the football do the talking? We know we beat Spurs three times, and Spurs know it too. That’s good enough for me. These mugs & t shirts only belittle a nice little one-up over our rivals, which really saddens and embarrasses me.


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