Club legend and lifelong supporter Tony Cottee has backed the board in regards to altering the clubs crest, and agrees that with the move to the Olympic Stadium looming, it is time for change.

The West Ham board will be meeting with supporters in open consultation events this week to review the plans in place in regards to the rebrand that is currently under way.

“I’d be all for a change of badge,” said Cottee. “I don’t think the Club has changed it for quite a while now. When we go to the new Stadium, we’re hopefully starting a new era in terms of competing on and off the pitch, and looking at the Club badge, I think, would be a good idea.

“You look at that badge, you look at those hammers and as long as you’ve got the hammers, you’ve got West Ham. That’s all we need. I’m a West Ham fan and I will always be a West Ham fan.

“I’ve got a birth certificate which says ‘birthplace: West Ham.’ I’m very proud of that and I love showing it to people.

“I grew up in a great era to be a West Ham fan. Then, of course, I played for the Club and now I’m back to being a supporter. You have what goes on in your personal life but I would say West Ham as a Club runs very near to my heart.”


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