Chairman David Sullivan has confirmed that there are plans in place for the club to be seen as West Ham London – however this is for the new crest only, and not the club name.

”As a name, it is not going to happen. On the badge, it is possible.

“We are getting the old and the new badge and say to supporters, ‘You vote. You pick it. It’s your call. You tell us, going forward what badge you want. It’s the supporters’ vote.”

Sullivan believes that adding London to the clubs badge will increase the brand globally, and help recognise West Ham as a top club in the capital.

“A lot of people in Britain, let alone the world, don’t know that we are one of the top London clubs. To me there are four top London clubs: Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham.

“Fulham were in Division Three for years. Crystal Palace are a yo-yo club and Charlton have struggled in recent years.

“Demographically, we are the only club in east London and Essex – there is actually an argument that we should put ‘East London’ on the badge, but we’ve gone for ‘London’ because, internationally, we want people to know that we are a top London club.

“I wouldn’t change the name of the club, because I am a traditionalist. We will always be West Ham United FC. It will just be a big ‘West Ham United’ on the badge and a small ‘London’ underneath.

“The final version has been drawn up with consultation with our Supporters Advisory Board. Fans will vote on it.”


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