This evening one of West Hams fans’ well known bloggers on Claret & Hugh, has supported Ravel Morrison in his recent error in being photographed in a Chelsea shirt.

The website in question has backed Morrison, stating that he received the shirt from Frank Lampard (a hero of his apparently) back in 2013.

I’m sorry, but this is not something that can be ignored, brushed under the carpet or, as Claret & Hugh stated – ”Ravel of course is a little different.” Rubbish.

This is coming from the fans that have tortured Paul Ince from 1989 for wearing a Manchester United shirt before heading to Old Trafford. So what is right or wrong then? Why is Ravel so easily forgiven?

For me, it’s unforgivable. I love Ravel as a football player, a talent no doubt – but I will never condone this behaviour. It’s a pure slap in the face to us fans. A lack of respect in it’s clearest.

Ravel Morrison clearly does not understand what it means to be loyal to a football club, let alone West Ham. To wear a rivals shirt and post it online is an act of suicide for me. Let’s get rid. Who wants this ignorant act wearing our shirt that we all hold so dear?

Stop stooping so low for quality. We are better than that. And I thought you were too C&H?



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