Ross McCormack has completed his transfer to Fulham, and it’s a deal that will no doubt anger some fans in believing that Upton Park should have been his destination.

However the fee of £11m in which Fulham have reportedly paid for the striker shows that our owners were wise to leave well alone.

McCormack is no doubt a talent, and his goalscoring record speaks for itself. But his lack of experience at the top level shows that £11m is a serious gamble, and one that we should simply not take.

There have been many players in the past that have taken the championship / second tier by storm, but have simply not been able to handle the intensity and quality of the Premier League – take Shane Long for example.

There’s no doubting it’s disappointing for us fans that we didn’t nab McCormack, but let’s be honest, £6-7m fee was what we all had in mind. The club have up until now been successful in the transfer market this summer, and I’m sure there are plenty of other avenues to explore.




  1. Another example that the club is being very careful where they put their money this season and seem to have had a plan in place on transfers right from the get-go part of which is a determination not to be held to ransom.

    1. Agreed. Look back at the days of Llungberg etc. over the top money for literally no return. It’s a board I think we should all be proud of. I just hope that sticking with Big Sam is proven a wise move….. A part of me thinks if we don’t pick up at least 3 wins from the opening 8 games, he’s gone

  2. I agree with the comment about taking the step up. Vaz Te is a perfect example, smashed it for us in the championship but never really made an impact at prem level.

    1. Yeah it’s a big jump. We all know too the difference in quality in the divisions. For Fulham though probably good business as he will get them promoted. And the windfall will make that £11m look like peanuts

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