The club have revealed in a video to supporters the proposed new badge in which we are to vote for via the clubs website.

Already the badge has received rather negative reviews on social media websites, with one fan comparing the design to ‘something put together on Photoshop’.

Personally, I am not a fan of the design. It’s very plain, and I don’t think it’s modern. I believe that ditching the crest / shield would be a wise option. Have only the hammers & text.

RUGRID welcomes you all to throw some of your views & ideas our way.




  1. At least the current crest looks professional. This offering appears cheap, tacky and a little embarrassing. Kind of sums up the perception by the rest of the country of how the club has been run for the last few years.

    1. I have to say I agree with the crest comment, but not the running of the club. We certainly, to me, seem to be heading in the right direction. And the work put in to us getting the stadium cannot be ignored. But yes, you’re right in that the new badge is tacky. I cannot see them going ahead with this following the reaction from fans mind you. Let’s wait and see Q

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