New Crest Confirmed

West Ham have revealed the final selected design for the clubs new crest, which will be used from the 2016/2017 season.

It has been concluded that 56% of supporters voted in favour of the design. There have however been amendments to the design following supporter feedback.

YouGov Managing Director Frank Saez told the clubs official website: ”This represents a credible and robust sample of the total supporter base. The results provided to West Ham clearly state that the new crest is supported by the majority of fans.

“This concludes one of the most thorough supporter consultation processes ever conducted by a Premier League club with regards to a new crest.

“Our findings show that respondents who engaged in the Club’s extensive research and thought processes from initial consultation were overwhelmingly more positive than those who had begun the process afresh in this, the latter stage.”



  1. Bull****…. Same as their survey on th OS move, they ask tactical questions to steer you to agreeing with their views. From what I have seen on forums and out speaking to fellow hammers, this new crest is not very liked at all. My 2 year old nephew could knock something better up on a magna doodle!!

  2. I must admit I am not a fan of it either, esp seeing as there were far better designs posted online by supporters.. Why did they not put up designs online, and have the fans vote their favourite? Strange. Having said all that, I think it will be one of those things that eventually grows on you. Arsenal had the same thing a few years back, and many fans were unhappy with their new crest.. Now I don’t think any of them give a monkeys

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