Moyes linked again

David Moyes has once again been linked to become West Ham manager, with Paddy Power slashing the odds at now 2/1.

Moyes, who was sacked as manager of Manchester United last season following a campaign in which they finished 7th, is currently looking to return to the game, and West Ham are favourites should they part way with current boss Sam Allardyce.

Allardyces reign has looked doomed for some time now, with a disastrous pre season so far, and the clear divide at the club between manager and board – will Gold & Sullivan decide enough is enough and bring in the experience of David Moyes?

RUGRID is currently running a poll to send to the club at the end of this week. If you haven’t done so already, please answer the 2 simple questions –

For all of you that have answered so far, thank you.




  1. Disastrous pre-season. Is that the best reason you can come up with to justify doing your best to undermine the season before it’s even begun. As I put on another post. “With supporters like you who needs enemies”

    1. How would you describe this pre season so far then, positive? A success? My qualm isn’t the results, or the signings. In fact I think we have performed well as far as transfers go. It’s the clear division at the club between manager and board. It doesn’t bode well does it.
      My feeling is that they should have parted with Sam if they didn’t like his methods. It’s not fair on him or ourselves to force him to play a system that just isn’t him.
      I’m not a fan who wants to undermine our season, I want to be positive, but with the very public divide at the club happening it’s hard to ignore. If they showed a United front beside Sam then I would be more optimistic.

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