Malaga horror show

West Ham fell to a 2-0 defeat against Malaga CF in the Schalke 04 final today, and once again the performance was shocking.

Sam Allardyce will have nowhere to hide as his team played a style that would make Bolton Wanderers look like Barcelona.

Allardyce will use the excuse that pre season matches are all about fitness – however I don’t believe this to be the case.

Yes, fitness of players is important, but so is performance – & if this pre season is anything to go by, we are in for a very long Premier League campaign.

We once again displayed a system that is set up to draw, and maybe nick a goal if lucky. It’s what we saw last season, and it’s not acceptable. Under Sam Allardyce creative players will never flourish because his system will not let them.

Why buy another striker under this man? 4-5-1 is what he opts for every game, and it simply doesn’t work.

This week RUGRID will send a letter to the owners of our club showing the results of the recent poll, and will express feelings of the majority of supporters in relation to our management set up.


  1. The owners have dropped a massive bollck in their handling of the management. BFS has only ever managed a team in one manner and one style. By keeping him at the helm and demanding he play a different style of football was ridiculous, they really wanted to have BFS experiment with expansive football when he has no experience of it? In the Premier League where any little weakness or mistake is exploited? Add to this that BFS was totally undermined and publicly humiliated. A stubborn and proud man like this will not change his style and that is what we are now seeing with his refusal to try anything different. He knows he has the owners where he wants them now, he’ll continue to play his brand of terrible hit and hope football till the owners have to sack him lest they then lose what credibility they have left with the fans and press. For the sake of trying to save a few quid in compensation we’ve now lost a preseason, lost a bedding in period for a new manager, lost the chance for a new manager to build a team with his chosen players. Yes they can sack him now or in a month but we can now write off this season as nothing more that a painful struggle (I so hope I’m wrong). Sorry but this mess lies with the owners as much as BFS

    1. I agree entirely. It’s a massive mistake made by the board, and for me they are accountable.
      Asking Sam Allardyce, or any other manager, to change their philosophy and tactics is never ever going to work. A change should have been made at the end of last season.
      If they have decided to stick with Sam then let him get on with it how he does, don’t make him change – this only spells disaster.
      Let’s hope we are both wrong, but I fear we are on the button here

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