Dear David, … A letter to the club

Today a letter has been sent to David Sullivan, David Gold & Karen Brady in regards to the current managerial set up at our club.

This is a copy of what was said in the letter. Thank you to all that voted in our recent poll.


Dear David,

The reason for my letter to yourself, David Gold and Karen Brady is to express my own and the readers concerns in regards to the current divide that is appearing at the football club. The divide appears to be between the board and manager Sam Allardyce.

At the end of 2013/14 season following meetings & a presentation by the manager, the club announced on 20th May that Sam Allardyce would remain in charge. We supporters were told in this statement that ‘the clubs direction, values and philosophy and a positive way forward for next season has been agreed.’

Personally at the time I was disappointed with this news, mainly because I felt we could have made a managerial appointment to take the club to the next level. However I, like yourself, also firmly believe in stability, and regularly coin the phrase ‘the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.’ So although there was a strong feeling of disappointment, there was also a small sense of relief – and it was then I decided to look forward to the season ahead under Allardyce.

However during this pre-season my mood and optimism has changed somewhat, and this is down to the undermining that seems to be happening towards Sam Allardyce in terms of his footballing philosophy and decision making.

If the board do not believe in the methods of Sam Allardyce in terms of style of football, formations and even player recruitment, then I must ask – why did you not replace him as manager at the end of last season? Asking a manager to change his management methods, style and philosophy is never going to work.

I must stress however that this is not me dismissing what Sam Allardyce has done for our club. He achieved promotion from the Championship at the first attempt, and has successfully kept West Ham United in the Premier League in the previous two seasons. These are facts, and as a supporter I am grateful to Sam for what he has accomplished.

However it is clear that we now need a change, as the majority of supporters are no longer behind our manager and his methods. A change of style was promised, but it’s clear to all from this pre-season that this is not going to be successful. Sam Allardyces days as West Ham manager appear numbered, and I believe it would be wise to make a change sooner rather than later – when then it may be too late.

You will find enclosed with this letter results of an online poll I set up asking our readers their feelings towards the future of our current manager. An overwhelming 92% of readers wish to see a new manager appointed, with only 5% wishing to see Allardyce remain – and 3% remain undecided.

I wish to say also that although this letter appears mainly negative, I am very optimistic and excited by the future ahead. Our move to the Olympic Stadium is something I feel will take our club to the heights we have all dreamed of for a long time – and I would like to go on record to say thank you for the hard work the board have done to make this happen.

I hope now as owners of the club you continue your good work by making the managerial change that our club desperately requires.

I look forward to reading your response on these matters.

Yours sincerely


  1. Ask yourself one simple question – what manager (apart from uproven/not very good) is going to come to a club that they have no transfer funds available?
    What we all need to do – fans and board – is to support Big Sam and the team through everything. Theres enough pressure on them without folk getting on their backs. Unfortunately football has changed and it is about results first and foremost. As the start of the season draws near we must show that we are UNITED from top to bottom. This is the West Ham way. UNITED FOREVER!

    1. I do agree that the manager requires support from all fronts jack, but the reason for my letter is to point out that the manager no longer has this support. Clearly the fans want a change, and it appears the board are not supporting him in a way a manager needs to be.

      I will of course continue to support whoever is in charge. This letter is purely to point out facts and express the feeling amongst fans.


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