Time to panic?

We opened our Premier League account with a 1-0 defeat against fierce rivals Spurs in a game in which we should have won, but in very usual and predictable West Ham fashion, we blew it.

The three points should have been sewn up once Spurs were reduced to 10 men and the resulting penalty from the Kyle Naughton handball was put away by Noble. Sadly however, Noble missed the target, and put a feeling in the air that this wasn’t going to be our day.

West Ham were the better team over the 90 minutes, and should have at least walked off the pitch with a point – but once the second red card of the afternoon was put in the face of James Collins, the writing was on the wall.

A 93rd minute winner scored by Eric Dier was a hard one to take, but let’s be honest, it was expected, because that’s how West Ham like to do things.

As expected, this result has much of the press targeting manager Sam Allardyce as the culprit. But I must say even though I’m not on ‘team Sam’ – the performance was one that did not deserve what it got. In fact it was worthy of all three points.

This is not the time to panic, but there is no doubt that Sam needs a win at Crystal Palace this Saturday. It’s vital. Defeat would spell big trouble for a man that has been under the spotlight regarding his future since the final whistle of last season.

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