Allardyce: Opportunity lost

Sam Allardyce has spoken of his disappointment in the clubs opening day defeat to rivals Spurs last Saturday.

Big Sam feels that West Ham deserved and should have walked of the pitch with three points, or at the very least one, after a performance which bettered that of Tottenham on the day.

”It was a massive opportunity for us to make an outstanding start and take a deserved three points. At the worst we should have respected the point,” said the West Ham manager.

”The warning bells have been ringing loud in my ears ever since. It was reminiscent of last season, playing well at times, better than the opposition, creating chances but not getting at least a point.

”I have to hope that, like me, the players will heed that warning, lock it away and use it as extra motivation in the future.

”Remember we were playing against a team who are looking to finish in the top four, who had a player on the pitch worth £30million and another on the bench who cost £26m.

”After the first 10 minutes we matched them, when it was 11 versus 11 and before they had a man sent off. For me then, there was no doubt, under current rules, that it was a penalty and a red card.

”We’re very, very close; we just have to improve our conversion rate.”


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