Lack of Nolan proved key

Having had time to reflect and dissect yesterday’s convincing 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, it has become clear that one of the noticeable positives from the excellent team performance was that Kevin Nolan was not part of the team.

West Ham appeared to be free from the pace-less Nolan shackles, and played a style of football that simply wouldn’t have flowed if Kevin had been on the pitch.

Mauro Zarate was pivotal in the performance, and certainly put to bed any doubts us fans over his ability to succeed at this level. His fearless play and creativity allowed players around him to blossom, and we finally looked a team who looked like they were actually enjoying themselves.

Sam Allardyce has come under heavy criticism of late, from RUGRID included, however he does deserve credit for yesterday’s tactics – because they were faultless.

We now need to move on from the Nolan era, yesterday proved it – and I hope that Allardyce’s admission that the new signings made all the difference has forced him to see the light.

We shall see.


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