Sam: Song to lead Irons into battle

West Ham manager Sam Allardyce is hoping that Alex Song can lead the team on the pitch, as he admitted there were simply no leaders out there in the home defeat to Southampton.

West Ham were simply abysmal, lacked character and style, and were taken apart by an impressive Southampton – who wanted the result more.

Allardyce will no doubt come in for heavy criticism following the result and performance, however he believes the big problem was that there was no communication on the pitch, and he’s hoping Alex Song, with his leadership qualities and experience, will make the difference.

“They all talk about what they should do before the game, all talk in training; all talk in the dressing room, but when they go out on the pitch they all stop talking,” said the manager.

“Clearly the communication is zero. Somebody has got to get a grip and open their eyes and mouth. With (Song’s) experience and qualities, having spoken to him, he looks like a bit of a leader to me, and he’ll go out their and kick a few backsides on the field.”


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