Delusional Diame

Mo Diame has spoken out about how he believes he was misused at West Ham, and feels he should have left the club a long time ago.

The delusional midfielder, who seems to believe he deserves to be playing Champions League football, signed a 3 year contract at Hull City on deadline day – and has stated he has moved to play in his favoured role.

Diame already seems to be conceding the fact that Hull City are not the club he dreamed if signing for, which for Hull City fans must be a concern, having a player who clearly believes he is bigger than the club before he has even kicked a ball.

Diame told the Daily Star: “At West Ham I was shunted around all the different positions. I remember one time I had to play as a striker.

“That was not good for my career. I wanted to play for a club that is high in the Premier League table.”

I tell you what wasn’t, or isn’t good for your career Mo, and that’s you continuously spouting off that you’re one of the best midfielders in the country, when in fact you are not. You are not consistent in your performances, and have a habit of hiding in games when we needed you to step up.

“At least with Hull I will be certain of playing in my favoured role.

“I should have left West Ham a long time ago, as with them I wasn’t permitted to play in central midfield.

“I wasn’t able to get the biggest clubs interested in me, as when they came to watch me I’d been put in a position that was not mine.

“You lose your bearings when you get shunted around all the different positions.”

It’s interviews like this from Mo Diame that confirms we are better off without this overrated, lazy, obnoxious idiot of a player. Good riddance.

& good luck Hull City.


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