End of the Reid?

The long ongoing contract standoff between the club and Winston Reid is still no closer to being resolved, with reports this afternoon suggesting the club have told Reid and his advisors the offer on the table will not be improved.

Reid and his advisors have so far refused to continue talks with West Ham despite an offer on the table that the club have described as ‘outstanding’.

Many believe that Reid is holding out for a move to a bigger club, with Arsenal and Liverpool monitoring the situation closely, and with Reids current West Ham contract set to expire this summer, the club may have to look at selling the defender this January to avoid losing the player for nothing this summer.

It’s a position that many fans are hoping the club will not be in come the transfer window opening in four months time, but with no improvement on the situation now for some time, the situation is looking far from positive.



  1. Still think you’ve got it wrong and the real reason for Reid delaying a commitment is because, like many of us, he’s still not totally convinced Sam has turned the page and that WH is now the kind of team that can be spoken of in the same breath as clubs like Liverpool and can become a genuine top six club.
    And, really, seeing how so many still have that doubt, can you really blame him? This guy is looking at his career and don’t we all want to get to the top of our profession.

    1. I agree re Reid wanting to play at the top, like all of us strive to be at the top of our professions as you say. But re Allardyce I have to disagree. I think this is purely Reid wanting to play at a bigger club. I believe we will be a top side in this league, but let’s be honest, top 6 is about 3-4 years away at best – with or without Allardyce.
      If Reid really has got his heart set on a move then we should look to replace him ASAP. The last thing we want is a player in that changing room who doesn’t want to be there.

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