Fergie: West Ham were always lucky

Sir Alex Ferguson has stated in his autobiography that West Ham were always ‘lucky as hell’ against Manchester United in the past, and that the West Ham way is a ‘myth’.

In the latest update of his autobiography the former Manchester United manager also defended Sam Allardyce stating that the West Ham way us fans crave to see simply doesn’t exist, and that he was never intimidated by any West Ham side in his career.

”I hope that before I die someone can explain the “West Ham way.” What is it? They last won a trophy in 1980, the FA Cup.

”I never played against any West Ham team that played football I was afraid of. They were always surviving, or lucky as hell against us.”

Fergie also pointed out that he believes that Allardyce did an excellent job last season, and branded that squad of players available to him as ‘very average.’

”There is this preconception with West Ham fans that Big Sam is a survivalist who tells teams to boot the ball up the pitch.

”The truth is that he stayed up with a team of very average players. That’s management. He drew the best from them.”


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