Rav departs

It appears that Ravel Morrison has left West Ham after that player posted another cryptic message on his Twitter account showing a photo of himself with the caption ‘Walking away, never to return again.’

The news broke this week that the club were in talks to cancel Morrisons contract due to what now appears to be a mixture of poor attitude, and the ongoing assault issues / court appearances that have dominated the former Manchester United players life this past year.

A sad day if this is true, as there is no doubting in that Morrison has the ability to be a top player – but his reluctance to improve his attitude and lifestyle is putting a promising career in jeopardy.

One man who may come to the aid of Ravel is Harry Redknapp, who has stated that he will take a chance and try to revive the young midfielders career.

“I think I might be his last chance,” said Redknapp. ”He has got to sort himself out. Fergie ended up getting rid of him, Sam got rid of him and they are top, top managers.

“He has obviously got to look at himself somewhere but I’m open to taking those chances with people – I have done it over the years and so maybe I will do it.

“He is an amazing talent, I have got to be truthful. He glides over the pitch and has the ability to beat people but he doesn’t put it all together.

“There is something missing, isn’t there? There is a screw loose somewhere. He isn’t that bad a lad and has had a hard life.”


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