Sullivan: Sam may leave

Chairman David Sullivan has made a bizarre outburst stating that Sam Allardyce may well depart the club at the end of the season.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph Sullivan revealed that the club plan to discuss Sams future earlier than usual this season, however it appears Sullivan is not 100% confident that Allardyce will remain.

Sullivan said: “I must say if come April we are where we are now, which is extremely unlikely but is possible, we’d probably sit down a month early and say: ‘Look Sam, do you want to stay or do you want to go?’

“Sam may decide he wants to go out a winner.”

Sullivan has also revealed that he and David Gold have put 20% of the club up for sale, and that once the club move to the Olympic Stadium in 2016, the value of the club will be around £400m.

“I’d love someone to come in and buy 20%, and the money would not go to us, it would go to the club. But we won’t be giving it away and we’d want market value for it.

“Going to the Olympic Stadium, we are a £400m club and that would pay down most of the debt.

“But if it doesn’t happen we’ll dig deep in our pockets and keep the club afloat.”


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