Shock horror… Spurs now enter the race

It was only a matter of time wasn’t it? That wonderful bunch at Tottenham Hotspur have now ‘entered the race’ to sign Winston Reid, according to reports this morning.

It’s news I think we all expected to hear at some stage, as they do have a habit of sticking their noses in once a West Ham player either indicates he wants to leave, or even puts in a performance that makes the headlines.

Reid, who has been widely tipped to depart this summer, released a statement this week saying that he could remain in East London as his mind is not yet made up.

My personal opinion is that his mind was made up a long time ago. Reid wants out.

If Reid really still wanted to remain the deal would have been signed, sealed and delivered months ago. Yet, here we are, eight months after the contract was placed in front of him, with the pen still not yet been picked up by our reliable defender.

It has widely been rumoured that a deal for Reid to head to Arsenal has in fact been in place for some time, and as sad as it would be to see him head to the Emirates, it would be a lot more pleasing on the eye seeing him represent Arsenal than their North London neighbours Spurs.

In fact, if Reid does end up at White Hart Lane then it would go down as the ultimate betrayal – in line with Paul Ince.

The question has to be, why Tottenham over West Ham? What do they have now over us that is seen as a step up. I can only think of bigger financial muscle – nothing else. And that itself will change over the next 5-10 years.

With our new 54,000 seat stadium on the horizon, West Ham are about to become one of the big players in this league, maybe even Europe.

So surely Reid can see that a move to Spurs would provide him no benefit whatsoever.

I do hope these reports to be nothing but gossip, without any foundation. If not, then Reid can expect some serious repercussions from fans that still hope he opts to stay put.



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