A total and utter shambles

Just when we thought we had seen the back of the embarrassing legal disputes, the court cases, the sponsor debacles, bank debt wrangles and awful transfer dealings – in the last few days we have all been brutally reminded that it is West Ham United we support, and not one of those other top clubs we aspire to be.

Yesterday’s ‘deadline day’ was, in one of better words, shambolic. But that is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the latest saga surrounding our club.

And no, this is not the fact that our main sponsor has gone bust (again), as embarrassing as that is – but the fact the club now faces expulsion from the FA Cup after ‘illegally’ fielding Diafra Sakho in the fourth round tie against Bristol City – yes, that tournament we are apparently going all out to win.

FIFA are now investigating matters, and if they find the club have breached rules by not allowing Sakho to travel to the ACON, then they will demand that our victory over Bristol City is overturned, meaning we are out of the tournament – oh yes, and also we will have to pay compensation to Bristol City, The Senegal FA, The FA .. And probably Sheffield United, I mean why not.

The club are strenuously denying any wrongdoing, but let’s be honest – yes they have. I remember once upon a time we ‘did nothing wrong’ over the signing of a little chap called Carlos Tevez, and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we end up paying some club some money?

Apologies, my memory is clearly not very good – much like the people who run our club.

If West Ham really expect us to believe that Diafra Sakho had such a severe back injury that he could not sit on a plane, had to be limo driven everywhere so he could lay down.. But was able to play a game of football (and score), then they are more deluded than I thought.

It’s an argument we are set to lose, and the club know it too (hence Sakho’s exclusion from the squad on Saturdays trip to Liverpool).

So then with the news of FIFAs investigation being announced, West Ham were preoccupied, they were out to bring in some much needed players to help the club go all out this second half of the season, maybe even bring European football to Upton Park for the stadiums curtain call.

And what happens? Well, nothing. The whole day was a total and utter waste of time. And no doubt money.

Carlton Cole left, then didn’t. Adebayor was signing, then didn’t. Jarvis was leaving, then wasn’t. Zarate was returning, well, you get the idea.

We accomplished nothing and now have an injury ravaged squad, with Manchester United up next.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, yes, apparently Andy Carrolls knee injury is worse than first feared.

Ah I wondered where these days had gone.


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