Carroll on his way

The latest hammer blow to what is an injury plagued career of our £15m record signing Andy Carroll has been seen by our owners as the final nail in the coffin of the Geordies West Ham United career.

This was the season that Carroll had to prove his worth, show that he is not an injury prone nightmare, and in fact had overcome the surgeries, the rehabilitation programmes, the countless trips abroad – and would show he is actually worth every penny of the £15m spent, plus the £80k a week wages.

Sadly, that has not happened. Carroll has been, without a doubt, a failure at our club. A financial disaster, and a total waste of time.

David Sullivan is looking now at getting Carroll back to fitness ASAP, and this summer will put the England striker in the shop window, knowing the best we can look at getting is £5-8m.

The club have decided to cut their losses, and take a hit on Carroll. This has also added to list of Cons under the Future of Sam Allardyce.

Sam was the one who pushed the club to sign Carroll, even though Wilfried Bony was in touching distance of joining – Allardyve insisted Carroll was the right choice.

It’s a call that will no doubt be mentioned as to why Allardyce isn’t offered a new deal this summer, as reports are indicating the club are very much in the hunt for his replacement already.


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