Europa calling

Despite throwing away points once again this weekend in the 2-2 draw with Spurs at White Hart Lane, Mark Noble has stated that the club are still in the hunt for European football next season, the question must be asked though – do we want it?

At first glance you would say ‘of course we do!’ European football under the floodlights at Upton Park (in our final season at the Boleyn) and trips overseas to watch the cockney boys mix it op with some of Europes elite.. What is there not to like?

Well for one thing we do not have enough top players to cope. This season our squad struggled to juggle both Premier League games and an FA Cup run – that came to an abrupt end in the 5th round. How are we expected to fair with midweek trips abroad thrown in the mix?

We’ve seen before what a negative affect European football can do to clubs without serious funds available. The domestic form suffers, big time. And with our move to the OS around the corner, it’s hardly ideal. In fact it could be disastrous.

I don’t want to sound negative, because of course I want to see our club grow. But right now I’m not sure we are ready for the Thursday nights on Channel 5.

Next season is about further cementing ourselves as a Premier League club. One that doesn’t flirt at all with relegation – much like this season.

I don’t know about my readers but for me it’s been a pleasure this season to not look at a table every day trying to see if we can get enough points to survive.

In fact, as much as there have been grumbles here and there from fans – I’m enjoying this season.

And I wouldn’t mind more of the same time around.



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