Inconsistency strikes again

It was a day to forget yesterday as West Ham once again rolled over against a side battling relegation from the Premier League.

A result I don’t think many could say they saw coming, especially as it was following a very encouraging performance against Spurs last weekend, in a game we were quite simply robbed of victory.

However inconsistency struck once again yesterday as the team lacked the hunger and fight we had come accustomed to witnessing in the first half of this season.

It’s baffling to say the least, as we now seem to have players coasting towards the close of the season, with safety secured the team look like one who does not believe European can be achieved.

Yesterday’s performance was a hard one to swallow, and painful to witness – and one that once again highlighted the drop on performance level of Alex Song.

Song was outstanding to say the least when he arrived in East London at the beginning of the season, with us all desperate for the club to go all out for his signature on a permanent deal.

But yesterday once again raised the question, is he worth it? Yes he is a talent, but my word he is also a liability.

He distribution at times is woeful, and his inability to do the simple thing baffles me.

I’m at a loss to put my finger on what is wrong at present with the team. People will point the finger at the manager, but I think that’s an easy cop out.

The players need to up their game big time, as our positive season is on the brink of falling apart.


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