‘Makes the move that much sadder’

When I picked up to read ‘Nearly reach the sky’, a book by Irons fan Brian Williams, I really had no idea how moved I would be and once again reminded how dear Upton Park is to me.

If you are a West Ham fan (and no doubt if reading this you are), then please do yourself a favour and read this book. It’s something all fans should do.

It moved me, and at times choked me, when I was whisked back in time to some truly amazing memories at Upton Park – some which are now back in the forefront of my mind, and I’m pleased they’re back.

Like Brian, I recognise that the move is needed, but it is going to be a heartbreaker. And this book is something I will cherish along with those many memories.

A great book. And a must read, for all West Ham fans.




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