Has Carroll’s bubble burst?

This season has been one that I think most fans would agree, a turn up for the books.

We’ve seen the club occupy some dizzying heights in the league, new signings flourish – then not flourish so much, the big teams beaten, FA cup heartbreak .. You name it, this season appears to have had most emotions you can get crammed into it for West Ham fans.

But one that I think we can also agree we have experienced, is exhaustion. And that feeling is due to the never ending injuries to our record signing Andy Carroll, and I have to say, I really am exhausted with this player.

It seems to be a never ending tale, and one I think we all now wish would just end.

Carroll is a fantastic player on his day – In fact probably one of the best we’ve had at the club, but this man is simply not made to be a footballer.

His record at our club is pretty shocking, and that’s putting aside the fact he cost the club £15m, plus £80k a week in wages. Andy Carroll has scored 14 goals in 32 months since signing on loan initially from Liverpool in August 2012.

Just to give you a comparison, Wilfried Bony, who we could have signed instead, has scored 71 goals in that time. That’s not including his international goals.

This is not to point the finger at Carroll, because at the end of the day it’s not his fault. He clearly wants to do well for the club. But we are a club moving forwards, and Carroll is simply a deadweight. In fact at times I’ve struggled to see if he really fits in any more.

His injuries are not going away, we’ve seen these types of players before. He is sadly destined to spend the majority of his career on the treatment table, and we should wise up and move on, once of course he recovers from his latest setback.

This piece was written for The Irons Circle – http://theironscircle.com/


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