Allardyce to Sunderland?

The clubs Vice Chairman Karren Brady has made some startling remarks in her weekly Sun column, with one seeming to suggest that Sam Allardyce could well be on his way this summer, with Sunderland his destination.

Brady, who is a devout supporter of Allardyce said in the column: ”Dinner with a bookmaker. He would hate that term, probably prefer statistic entrepreneur!

“Anyway, he tells me he is currently working out odds on the end-of-season managerial roundabout. His lowest odds are Steve Bruce moving to Fulham (or sightly longer to Wigan), Steve McClaren to Newcastle and another high-profile manager to Sunderland.

“I have no idea at all about all this. Except I suspect the boss moving to Sunderland won’t happen, especially if I have something to do with it!”

There has once again been murmurings this season that Sam could well be on his way this summer. Unlikely to happen is putting it mildly, but it’s a strange piece of information to be revealed by a senior member of staff at the club.

One thing this statement does suggest too is that Brady wants Sam to remain, and if I were to bet, I’d say put your house on a new deal for Allardyce at West Ham will be signed and sealed this summer.



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