And once again…

West Ham 1-1 Stoke City

A point today, but once again it felt like defeat as we threw away a lead in the dying seconds of a match that, in truth, we simply did not deserve to win.

Aaron Cresswell put us in front with a blistering free kick in the 7th minute which felt really should have set the tone for a game West Ham would dominate and win convincingly. However that wasn’t the case.

In fact Stoke City were the team that tested us. We put in a battling display but it was one that lacked quality, and that’s something we have become accustomed to since the turn of the year.

It seemed however that today would be our day, as despite Stokes dominance, added with 2 disallowed goals, we looked to be over the line.

But no. In the 95th minute we got what we deserved when Stokes Arnautovic levelled things, and left our fans frustrated and our manager wondering how to explain this one.

Is his time running out in East London? Well if the rumours that Rafa Benitez is keen on the idea of managing West Ham, then Sam better get back that winning formula, and quick.

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