Exclusive: ‘Sam departure on the cards’

As the horrendous run of poor form continues and once again our manager Sam Allardyces future is put into question – RUGRID can exclusively reveal that two senior members of the club have said that Allardyce is ‘highly likely’ to be moved on, with David Moyes the man to replace him.

Although it will be business as usual at the end of this season, where a meeting will be held by the owners and manager to review the season – Allardyce is expected to be told his time is up.

One of the sources within the club said ”There is no love lost between David Sullivan and Allardyce, and Sullivan wants David Moyes. It’s as simple as that.”

Although all of this echoes last season, which ended with Sam signing a contract extension, this time however it appears Sam has lost the strong support of Karren Brady. David Gold however is happy to give Sam the reigns once again.

The future of Sam Allardyce is something I have tried this season to avoid discussing, as last season it all amounted to nothing. Maybe this time will be the same.

However following an event with the club a couple of days ago I was shocked by the certainty by senior people within that Sam is on his way.

The feeling is that this is being felt throughout the dressing room too, hence the lack of confidence and desire on the pitch that we witnessed and loved to see earlier this season.

So the question is, who is to take over if Sam goes? Will it be David Moyes? Well considering Terry Gibson (Sky Sports) yesterday stated that Moyes may be let go by Real Sociedad, as he has apparently ”underachieved” this season – and throw into the mix that Moyes former chief scout Tony Henry is now at West Ham, most betting men would say the writing is on the wall. 



    1. This is the view of many. Personally I think he’d be good for us. He did very well without any real funds at Everton. & he’ll connect with the fans a lot better than Sam

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