Relief all round 

West Ham 1-0 Burnley

To have the winning feeling pulsing through the veins once again certainly is nice, but if anything it’s more of a relief – because anything less than 3 points yesterday would have been tough to take this morning.

But here we are, now sitting prettier in the league, 47 points under our belts, and now hopefully set for a positive finish, to what has been a season of two halves.

Whether a positive finish would be enough to convince our owners that Sam Allardyce deserves another contract remains to be seen, as the papers are once again in full swing this morning that Moyes is heading to East London this summer. We shall see.

Yesterday’s performance was a nervy one, but it did have a tad more conviction than recent weeks. It was also nice to see Mark Noble score from the spot – and hopefully give his game the confidence boost it so badly needs.

Luck maybe played a factor, in that the referee dismissed a player that simply did not deserve to be – and it played into our hands nicely. 

Once the penalty was scored we always looked like walking away victors – minus some nervy minutes of course. But a win is a win, and it was needed big time.

Whether we build on this result remains to be seen. It should provide the players the kick they so desperately required, and leave Sam with no more excuses for lacklustre displays.


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