Allardyce D-Day

Sam Allardyce will learn his fate of whether he will be offered a new contract at West Ham at a meeting on Monday 25th May.

Much like this time last year there is enormous amounts of speculation that Sam will be shown the door by the owners, with many fans now feeling time for a change has arrived.

However the reality is nobody knows exactly where the owners will go with this decision. 

Last season the owners decided to stick with Sam, as the only big criticism against him was the brand of football on show. However this time round he has a far greater argument to overcome.

Yes Premier League safety was reached comfortably, with at no point this season we had to get ourselves out of a scrap at the bottom. However despite this it must be said that our form since Christmas has been alarmingly poor. In fact it’s been relegation form.

With only 3 league victories since 20th December you have to ask whether the club can rely on Sam to have us firing once again for the start of next season. And with the added, and possibly unwanted, pressure of European football to add to the mix, are the club going to look for a different leader? 

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