The Europa fear


As it stands West Ham are in line to appear in next seasons Europa League following our excellent display in the Fair Play League.

It’s a way into this tournament that I have never celebrated in truth. It’s a reward that simply doesn’t warrant the effort put in – and let’s be honest, do we really want this?

Yes there is the excitement that European football brings, and maybe even the added lure when trying to sign players in the summer. However this can also be a serious burden, as we have seen with many clubs over the years.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we have not been good enough (performance wise) to warrant European football next season. Our form of 3 wins in 20 league matches shows we are still learning our trade once again at this level. Now with the added pressure of midweek trips abroad this season, where would we be? I fear doomed. 

One thing this season has taught us is that we are still lacking in terms of quality, and seriously lacking in terms of depth. In fact once we have 2 injuries we seem to look very average at best. 

I’m not saying I do not dream of European football for our club, because that’s where we need to be.  But I want it the right way, and when we are ready. 

As of now, I fear the Europa League could have a serious impact on our rather fragile Premier League status. And those who disagree with that must remember our form since Christmas has been a team heading for the Championship. 

It may well be heading our way, whether we like it or not, I just hope we keep our eyes on the main prize, and that’s solidifying our Premier League status further.


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