Carrolls final shot

It’s hard to sometimes feel sorry for an injury prone footballer these days, what with the mammoth salaries and lavish lifestyles, but with Andy Carroll there is clearly a man who just wants to get on and succeed on the pitch.

Our record signing has been besotted with injuries ever since arriving on loan, and then permanently from Liverpool three years ago – and now we are closing in on yet another return from a long term absense, all hoping this could finally be it.

Could this be Andy Carrolls run in the side, and football, that we have all been waiting for? When we finally get to see a man repay on his £15m transfer fee and £70k a week salary? Sadly, I think most have given into the fact that it’s unlikely. 

For me this is Carrolls last shot. His one last chance to prove that it’s in fact just down to bad luck that he’s spent more time on the treatment table than on the training pitch in the last three years. 

I personally do not put it down to bad luck, I think there are footballers out there who simply haven’t got the bodies to cope with the sport. Carroll being one of them.

Look at Jack Wilshire at Arsenal for instance. He gets no more than 5-10 games before limping away for another 6 months treatment. And I don’t have to remind anyone of our own misfortune of Kieron Dyer.

These are football players who shouldn’t be. Sadly. 

I really hope Carroll proves me, and most wrong, yet to say I have my doubts, would be like saying Carroll maybe hasn’t exactly lived up to his fee.


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