Irons pull the plug

In yet another bizarre turn of events West Ham have pulled the plug on signing Joey Barton on a free transfer following the backlash of fans over the proposed deal.

Barton has got a somewhat troublesome career, and this prompted many to argue against any deal – me personally, I would not have minded.

Yes Barton has got a rather chequered past, but to have him as a back up (in favour of the soon to be gone Kevin Nolan) would hardly have been a bad thing in my opinion. 

But there we have it, the majority have spoken, and this has prompted Gold & Sullivan to ditch the deal and look elsewhere.

Barton has since issued a video message to West Ham fans, saying there are no hard feelings. 

‘I’d just like to thank the West Ham fans who sent me a lot of kind messages on social media and especially on Twitter,’ he said.

‘I felt West Ham as a football club would have been a good fit for me. It’s a ground that I’ve always enjoyed playing at with a very knowledgeable crowd, really passionate behind the football team.

‘Despite a few having reservations I felt I could really do well and really offer something to the squad. It’s an exciting squad your building there now highlighted by the Arsenal result on Sunday.

‘But for this moment in time it’s not meant to be and I’d like to again thank all the fans who have sent me those nice messages.

‘I wish the football club all the best going forward. I think it’s an exciting time for the West Ham fans with the move to the Olympic Stadium and the exciting squad you’re building.

‘I wish you all the best in the future and no hard feelings.’

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