Lack of Austin fight a concern

In what is likely to be the most important season in our clubs history, I think it’s fair to say the opening matches haven’t exactly calmed any nerves that might have been.

Despite our opening day triumph and outstanding performance at Arsenal, our West Ham team have put in two rather desperately nervy displays at Upton Park which both resulted in defeats against sides that we should be looking to sweep aside this season.

But despite this desperately disappointing turn of events, I don’t think it’s time just yet to press the panic button.

What is however alarming in my eyes is how our club have once again opted to not push for a striker who would clearly flourish, and has the attributes to deliver success this season to our club.

Charlie Austin was one of last seasons star performers in the Premier League,  a bright light in what was a dim season for QPR. 

The fact our London neighbours went down presented our club a fantastic opportunity to aquire the services of a natural proven goalscorer – something we haven’t had at our club since the days of Jermain Defoe. Prior to that, Tony Cottee.

That is how rare these types of players are. Hence why I believed we would have snapped Austin up at the moment their relegation was signed & sealed.

Yet, no. We decide he’s not worth £15m – the same fee and less wages we paid for the one and only Andy Carroll. The man who has returned just 7 goals since signing.

Just to note, Austin has returned 39 goals since that day.

Our chairman David Sullivan stated the the reason for our lack of interest in Austin was due to injury concerns. Now that is puzzling.

Austin has in the last 4 seasons averaged 36 games per campaign.. Hardly an injury prone striker in my eyes.

I don’t want to slate our people in charge as they clearly want our club to progress. But with what’s at stake this season I’m lost for words that Austin isn’t leading the line already for our club this season. 

It seems now though any chance of a deal is dead – especially following Mr Sullivans comments surrounding Austins fitness last week. I hope there is a reason for this … like maybe Javier Hernandez waiting in the wings. 

However something tells me that is not the case. 

Please surprise me West Ham and go for the man we all know we need.


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