Ok, time to move on now

It’s a fair assessment to say that our season so far has been somewhat unpredictable – however one aspect that is very predictable, and is now becoming rather boring is the never ending whining from various rival clubs that West Ham have wrongly been awarded as anchor tenants at the Olympic Stadium.

The assumption that the deal we have got in place is a steal for the club, and drains the taxpayers money is simply a load of nonsense. West Ham offered the best viable option for the OS committee and government, that ticked all the boxes – including making money for the taxpayer – not draining it.

Yes a sizeable investment has been made in the conversion works, but like most things in life, you have to spend money to make money.

Not only is our option a profitable one, it also provides jobs, and will help the area of Stratford thrive for years to come. And there is one key aspect of this that other clubs seem to be forgetting – we are renting the stadium  for 19 -25 days per year, and in doing so have put money towards conversion works, plus a yearly rental fee of course. 

On the days that West Ham will not be occupying the stadium, others will be using the venue to host various sports & concerts. So I ask, what is different for them? Why are they not under the radar as getting a steal off the taxpayer?

Could it be that simply others are jealous of the deal in place? Have they suddenly realised that West Hams move next summer could provide the platform for us to compete with footballs elite?

I believe so.

Let’s be honest here, we’ve never been a club that is considered one of the best in the country (in terms of results) – certainly not in my 30 years of life on this planet anyway – and I think it’s about time that we had a crack at the top.

Something special is happening in East London at the moment, and change is on the horizon. Mark my words we will be in the very near future a club fighting for the top places in English football – and the clubs there at present do not like this one bit.

And why would they? This is a threat. The last thing the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United want is another club in the mix for a Champions League spot. 

They can whine all they want but nothing will change. We were awarded our tenancy fairly, and we are now set to grow as a club.

Time to accept this and move on. We all certainly have.


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