Carroll takes swipe

Andy Carroll has taken a swipe at former boss Brendan Rodgers – by stating that the derby game today with Everton is a ‘win – win’ for Liverpool, with Rodgers expected to get the boot if the Red side of the city lose this afternoon.

Carroll has never hidden away from admitting his true feelings of the under fire Liverpool boss, by previously stating: “With Brendan Rodgers, there was a lot going on.

“What he was saying to me and what was actually happening.

“He was telling me one thing to my face, then I’d leave the training ground and he would ring me and tell me a completely different thing.

“He would say: ‘You’re going to play every week, you’re going to play every game up front with Suarez’.

“I’d leave and get home and he would ring me and say: ‘Fulham and West Ham want you and I think it’s best you should go.’

“I had just had a conversation with him ten minutes ago. So I would go back and see him and he would say the opposite again.

“It was the same thing round and round and round. On phone calls, it was: ‘I think you should go.’

“To my face it was: ‘You’ll start every week’. It was mixed messages. He was messing with my head. I lost respect for him, to be honest.”

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