And so it continues 

The media are once again in compete unity in slating West Ham United over our fast approaching move to the Olympic Stadium – with the story now being that the taxpayer (I don’t think I’ve read that word more in the last 6 months than I have for the 30 years prior) are footing the bill for medical staff, cleaners and stewards.

Well for one thing that is not true. The contract does not state that at all, and this has been confirmed by David Gold via Claret & Hugh. It’s simply once again a load of nonsense to try and continue this assault on our club, when we have done nothing wrong. 

How can the football community be so naive to think that we are the ones to point the finger at over the stadium and it’s costs of re-comstruction in the first place? Did we design it? No. We are simply renting the place for a number of days a year to host our home matches, it’s pretty much as simple as that. 

You wouldn’t slate a tenant of the house if the owner decided to build an extension – bear in mind this is before the tenant moves in! It’s ludicrous that the media are pointing the finger.

It’s quite clear this campaign stems from jealousy. The top clubs in the country do not like the idea of another joining the pack to hunt for success – and why would they? But it’s happening, get over it I say.

The never ending campaign to undermine our club is simply dragging on now for far too long and sadly I don’t think it’s something that’s going to wane anytime soon. 

But, so what. We’re moving there and there is not a thing our rivals can do about it.


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