Mascherano: West Ham a dark hole

Javier Mascherano has spoken of his spell at West Ham, claiming it to be the worst spell of his career, in which he was rescued from a dark hole by Rafa Benitez when he departed and moved to Liverpool in 2007.

Speaking to Sportsmail, the Argentine was once again critical of his time spent in East London stating: “Rafa Benitez wanted me and believed in me at the lowest point of my career and he was asking me to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world – Liverpool.

“Rafa Benitez lifted me out of a dark hole which at the time made me feel like I was 20 metres underground, and put me in a positive frame of mind.”

It’s hard to imagine a player of his quality was unable to succeed at West Ham, unlike his counterpart Carlos Tevez – Mascherano couldn’t even get in the side ahead of Hayden Mullins.

Yet it hasn’t exactly dampened his career, with the midfielder now plying his trade at Spanish Giants Barcelona. It’s a great shame he has such bad memories of his time with us. Had we at been at the stage we are at now, you wonder what could have been. 


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