He will never understand West Ham

The return of Premier League football is almost upon us after an International break which seemed like it was never going to end. Like most Irons fans I have been chomping at the bit to see us back in action – with a trip to Crystal Palace our task in hand.

A tough one no doubt, but like I imagine our players are, I’m confident. 

Another game I’ll be keeping a close eye on this weekend is Sunderlands trip to West Brom – a game which will see the return of our former manager Sam Allardyce to Premier League management.

When Sam was, as expected, announced as the new black cats boss I immediately tweeted ‘good luck to the bloke’ – and why not? He wasn’t our cup of tea but he did do a good job.

Stabilised the club, got us up, and kept us there. Great. 

The club decided this summer not to renew Sam’s contract, as clearly, even admitted by the man himself – a change was needed. Now although Sam wasn’t popular with the majority of fans, he would have no doubt been respected, and I myself would have applauded him.

However my feelings have somewhat changed this week, and I have to say I’m surprised and saddened by Allardyces comments towards our club – that’s owners, players, tradition – and us fans. 

He has labelled us ‘brainwashed’, ‘deluded’ – and has shown exactly why he was not popular in East London. The man has lowered himself in his outbursts, making it crystal clear how bitter he is.

It’s a real shame he could not show class and thank the club, but I suppose this is who he is. A dinosaur of a manager who will only be remembered for playing negative, boring, sub-standard football.

‘Who is Sam Allardyce, what has he ever won?’ were the words of Rafa Benitez this week – and spot on they were. 

I think I can speak for everyone who loves our club that I am delighted he’s gone. We now have a man at the healm who is West Ham. Plays the West Ham way – and who has earned more respect from us in the weeks he’s been here, to the years Allardyce bored us to tears.

Good luck in the relegation battle Sam.


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