The Carroll conundrum 

When the transfer window opens in this country one thing is guaranteed these days, and that is Andy Carroll is apparently set to head back up to his beloved Newcastle, or failing that, Sunderland. 

It’s something we West Ham fans have come accustomed to, and most of the time I don’t take a blind bit of notice. However there is a debate growing, and question is, do we sell if the right offer comes in?

It’s sad to say yes to that as Carroll is a popular character, and one I believe most fans want to see stay, and succeed. However his injury record cannot be ignored – and there’s a sense that it’s only a matter of time until his next breakdown. 

So what’s our club to do if an offer comes in? Sadly, I vote to sell – of course this being we receive £15-£20m for his services.

The money spent could, put it simply, be used to acquire a better striker. 

The style our club now adopts on the pitch is a far cry from the one that was lead by Carrolls biggest fan Sam Allardyce. And one must ask if Carroll really is suited to our West Ham way of playing.

Despite Bilic claiming that Carroll is a key part of his plans, I don’t believe this to be entirely accurate. There are no doubt players out there  that we could sign that Bilic would prefer to lead the line. 

So this January poses to be an interesting one. It could well be one that offers very little, or quite easily see our record signing depart for pastures new. 

We shall see.


A new Where was the Shout? podcast episode will be online tomorrow


  1. Totally disagree with almost everything said here. You don’t sell a player you have been waiting to come back from injury just because he might again get injured, especially not one who terrorises teams and scores goals like the last 2 games. He’s going nowhere its just silly January rumours,

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