Europe beckoning 

In what has been such a sad and confusing week at the sudden loss of a hero like David Bowie, West Ham have managed to draw in such light in three points in yet another away win over Bournemouth.

It was a game that provided our club the opportunity to present our European chasing credentials to our rivals, and we, surprisingly, grabbed the bull by the horns.

It was a display that not only showed our grit at coping, but the quality that we have at out disposal. 

Dimitri Payet once again showed why he is so valued at our club, by putting in a display that will once again have the big boys wondering ‘why didn’t we go for him?’

An immense talent he is, that it actually upgrades the players around him to a level of confidence that makes the team capable, and fearless. 

Last night we were 1-0 down away from home in the Premier League, and even then we looked like we’d walk away with the 3 points.

I walk into work today immensely proud of our club, who now sit at 5th in the Premier League. Dreamland. 

Lets hope the momentum stays put and hope this is a sign of things to come.


David Bowie 1947-2016 – RIP my hero 


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